Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School Already?

Well, the Summer is unofficially over! Labor Day has come and gone and according to the Fashion Czars wearing white is no longer acceptable (even though it's still 100+ degrees here in the South!) Back to School routines have begun...some of us have been doing this for several weeks and the routines are already old. Homework, back to school clothes, quizzes, tests, projects, reports, early morning alarm clocks...we've even caught our first official back to school cold of the season! But with the routines come the fun...Friday night football games, dances, back to school clothes ;), lockers, fun with friends, TGIF and looking forward to the weekends! Let's take the good with the not so bad and enjoy the change of seasons! Looking forward to the cooler temps and the changing leaves... It's almost Fall y'all!

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