Monday, July 18, 2011

A Recipe for a Perfect Summer!

Wow! Is it really July 18th? I can't believe we are going back to school in just 3 weeks! We have had an amazing Summer and I don't want it to end! We've made the most of this one and it's been one of my favorites! As we do every Summer we headed off to my family's farm in Lexington, Kentucky. It amazes me how beautiful this part of the country is every time I see it. I was warned to bring a few sweaters but hearing that when it was already in the 100's here in the deep South I neglected to heed the warnings. Thankfully I was able to raid my grandmother's closet for a jacket or two when needed. The tradition is that every Summer my entire family, my parents, both sisters and our families, head to The Farm for as long as we possibly can. The Farm is the result of a dream come true for my Grandparents (they no longer live there), and it has become our annual Summer retreat. Some people go to the Hamptons, we go to The Farm! It's very Summer-Campy...lots of fishing, no tv or video games (occaisionally we'll put in a movie), tons of laughter, good food (my favorite is the Big Blue BLT!), quiet time every afternoon and every day must start with a game of SCRABBLE and end with a game of cards or the day is not complete! There is even a trophy for the grandchild who catches the biggest Bass of the trip, it's a hard fought battle each year but a healthy competition.

Returning to reality after being in a bubble for 3 to 4 weeks is very hard. Of course, with today's technology we do get bits and pieces of news and Hollywood gossip but, for the most part, we are in La La Land at The Farm. I keep asking myself when my teenage children will liken our time at The Farm to being on restriction but they haven't yet, and to be honest...I think they enjoyed this year the most. Fishing, ping-pong, long walks in the fields, board games, tire swings, water fights, popsicles, blackberry picking...even the farm work was fun! Ugh...I miss it! I'm already counting down the days until next year's trip...just 339 more days until The Farm!