Friday, October 9, 2009

Cute Paper Addictions!!!

In this new world of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and text messages, the art of the handwritten note is being forgotten! For those of us with cute paper addictions, this is unforgiveable! We love to get notes, handwritten ones, on cute monogrammed stationery or note paper. We love to send handwritten notes, thank you's or a "Just because I'm thinking of you" note! It's a wonderful feeling to go to the mail box and find beneath the stack of bills an envelope addressed, by a friend, to you! With so many wonderful designs to choose from it's hard to believe it's a dying tradition. I encourage all of my Southern friends to not let this art die! Encourage a friend who is having a rough time or let someone know you're thinking of them today with a handwritten note (and it doesn't even have to be on cute monogrammed stationery... but it doesn't hurt!)