Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surviving the Tweens!

We love throwing parties: big parties, small parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, christening parties, dinner parties, cocktail parties, you name it parties, but...Tween BOY Parties? What do you do with 10 to 12 tween boys for 3 hours? Ugh! We played out a double entendre with a SURVIVOR Party! Fun games for the boys and truly "survival" for the adults that were present! Tween boys are tough but this group enjoyed an afternoon of tough competitions and some slithery confections! We started with a tribal ritual of tattoos and body paint- while waiting for everyone to arrive the boys could "accessorize" for the afternoon! Once the guests had arrived the games began! We had several but you can never have too many, tween boys have the attention span of a flea! First up, Rifelry...yes, we let them play with guns, gun, under the strict supervision of the Tribal Leader (DAD!) Each boy got 3 shots at 3 targets. What is it about boys and guns? They LOVED it! Next up was a blind folded competition about teamwork. The boys were divided into 2 teams and each team selected a "seeker". The "seeker" was blindfolded and then had to depend on his teammates to verbally direct him to 5 hidden frisbees in the yard. (The frisbees don't have to be hidden well, this is all about communication, which they are not good at at this age!) We did one last game...and yes, it was food related! We made vats and vats of chocolate pudding and served it up with some plastic bugs! The object of the game was to collect all of the bugs out of the pudding using ...yes, only your face! NO HANDS ALLOWED! Tween boys love gross stuff and they LOVED this game! Be sure to have a camera ready because the pics from this will be the best! After some cleaning up we had tribal council (opening presents) and a super creepy, slithery cake. Seriously, we bought the cake at Walmart and accessorized with some plastic critters from the toy section! The Birthday Boy loved it! An easy and fun party for those hard to please tween boys!