Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Cheers for Summer!

Okay, so this passed weekend officially kicked off Summer! We broke out with the first "cul de sac" cookout of the year, complete with S'more's...S'more's Martini's that is! Yum! Time flies when you're having drinks with friends! This Summer promises to be a fun one spent with good friends and family. So cheers y'all!

S'more's Martini Recipe:

32 oz. vodka

16 oz. Chocolate liquer (we used Godiva)

Pour vodka and liquer in 64 oz. pitcher and chill for several hours. Prepare martini glass by spreading marshmellow creme around the edge of the glass and dipping in graham cracker crumbs. Add a hot roasted marshmellow as a garnish and enjoy!