Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wishing you were here!

Since we last blogged...well, it's been a little overwhelming here! 2 computers crashed, 1 printer went out, 2 major main water lines broke, 3 floors damaged, 4 weeks of workmen, 2 completely new ceilings, countless new walls, brand new carpeting and tile. and paint, too! ..if you put this to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas, we have a new diddy to sing when we go caroling this year! Yes, construction at the holidays isn't pretty but we should have a new house by Christmas! Oh, I forgot that the kitchen is bubbled off so no cooking for this chick this week and my husband thinks he has has pink eye... I have to say my eyes were a little swollen shut this morning, too, I thought it was the dust or possibly the Sesame Chicken my daughter ordered last night (did you know I have a severe sesame allergy?) OOPS! The workmen just blew a fuse...gotta run! Thanks for listening (and not laughing at me like my mother did! just kidding, Mom)